In postmodern society the satisfaction of needs and the overcoming of desires have moved consumers through the research of experiences, rather than goods and services (Fabris 2009). This epochal revolution concerns tourism as well.
Despite the boom of online reservations, many customers still prefer to use traditional offline systems. In both cases, the key element is the customer loyalty.
The idea of made in Italy plays an important role when it comes to choose Italy as a travel destination. The perception of brand “Italia” in the world and the success of place-specific products, such as food, fashion and design, is essential for tourism development.

This is what inspired us to create DISCOVER ITALY

Discover Italy is a brand new project aimed at promoting Italy as a tourism destination. Made in Italy will be the key element for developing new strategies of integrated promotion.
Given the importance of the brand “Italia” worldwide, Discover Italy wants to connect with an offline network of restaurant owners, artisans and retailers already promoting made in Italy products all over the world. The goal is to create an online network of Ambassadors of Italy offering customers a taste of Italy.



The App-Discover Italy wants to be an appealing “postcard of Italy” and  an incentive to plan the real journey.
Users will be able to explore fun facts about Italian history, cultural heritage, traditions, know hows and products.

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